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Sustainability Textbooks for Universities & Colleges

(4e ed., 2020)

(3rd ed.,2020)

(1. Ed., 2021)

Textbook Accessories:
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Management Methods for Sustainable Development & CSR

FFEA (2018)

FFEA Extensions (2019)

AISHE 2.0 (Engl., Dutch, 2009)

AISHE 1.0 (Svenska, 2008)

Professional Competences for Sustainable Development & CSR


De 7 Competenties (2015)

The 7 Competences (2018)

Invitation to Co-Create:

PhD Thesis (2010)

Other books on Sustainable Development & CSR, Management and Economics

Ons Huis, Planeet Aarde (2008)

Werken aan Du. Ontwikk. (2007)

Duurzaam Ondernemen (2007)

In preparation:

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