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Books by Niko Roorda
These are the books written by Niko Roorda; some of them together with others.

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For a full overview of Niko's publications, go to his ResearchGate profile or download it from here.

De 7 Competenties (2015)

Basisboek DO (3e ed., 2015)

Fund.tals of SD (2nd ed.,2017)

Sailing (2010)

Ons huis, Pl. Aarde (2008)

The 7 Competences (2018)

Duurz. Ondernemen (2007)

FFEA (2015 - 2018)

Werken aan DO (2007)

In preparation (click image):

AISHE 1 (2001) & 2 (2009)