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Most of the art on this page was created by Roorda with ballpoint pens on white paper. Mostly blue and black ballpoints, but sometimes ballpoints in many colors were used.
Roorda started doing this when he was 13 years old, mainly making drawings during boring classes in school. One of the oldest is shown here to the right.

Below are 12 examples of his more serious work. Hover over it without clicking the mouse to see its title.

Click on a small picture to go to the associated larger image.

The large images:

Dodecahedron EarthDodecahedron Earth

Watchtower of the MoonWatchtower of the Moon


Tree of LifesTree of Lifes

Pia pia materPia pia mater


What I lost I recreateWhat I lost I recreate

Way to EternityWay to Eternity



Synapse (detail)

Imperfect PerfectionImperfect Perfection


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