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A 5-on-a-row Game against the Computer

You can freely download the Go Moku program. Before you do, first read the copyright statement.

Play against the computer! Create a row of five stones - before your digital opponent does.

You can also play against a human opponent.
Or you can sit back comfortably and watch how two computer players face each other.

On this page:

    History of Go Moku

    Character of the computer player(s)

    Watch a movie clip


History of Go Moku

Go Moku is an ancient Japanese board game. It is played on a Go board, traditionally constructed from unpainted wood, with 19 lines horizontally and 19 lines vertically. Unlike chess, the stones are placed on the crossings of the lines instead of in the squares.

Go Moku is often played after a long and intensive game of Go, as a pleasant way to 'cool down'.

Character of the computer player(s)

As the image shows, you can select the character of the computer player(s). By default, it plays in a moderated style, with a balance between offensive and defensive focuses. But you can make it more aggressive: harder to beat when it attacks, but sometimes neglecting its defense. Or even recklessly: a bit foolish, but take care when it takes the initiative!

On the other hand: you can also chose to make the computer player(s) play a bit more careful, primarily aware that you might try to win. You can even turn the computer into a coward: sometimes missing opportunities to win, afraid that it might lose.

Which character is the strongest? Which is the most fun to play against? Download the program is try for yourself.

Watch a movie clip

See how two computer players battle each other.
You can watch the clip full screen: start the clip and press the 'full screen' button in the bottom right of the video.



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