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The works of art on this page are all produced with a single computer program developed by Niko Roorda called MathArt.
You will find the description of MathArt on the pages showing Roorda's computer programs.

On the present page, first you find thumbnails of art works. If you float the mouse over them without clicking, the names of the art works appear. Click on them and you will go to the real image. You can also browse through them: they're all on this page.

These art works and many more can be produced at large sizes, e.g. 1 x 1 meter or even twice that large, in high definition of 180 dpi or even 360 dpi. They are printed as Giclées on canvas or on high-quality aluminium by Re-Art in Almere, they are always certified with a Certified Art Giclée™ hallmark, and they are produced in limited numbers.

Some fractals are also available as video clips. In them, you journey across mysterious universes. Go here to watch them.


If you want to buy one or more works  of Roorda's Mathematical Art;
or if you are interested in
selling the works
, either through art galleries etc. or as posters on paper, canvas, etc.;
or if you would like to have Roorda's art in an
please contact Niko Roorda.




Click on a thumbnail to see the bigger picture ...

... and here are those Bigger Pictures:

Wormhole sixWormhole six


Cretacious vulvaCretacious vulva

Rain ForestRain Forest

Collier Magmatique - Le ViolinCollier Magmatique - Le Violin

Paintroller WipePaintroller Wipe

Golden FleeceGolden Fleece

Rohr Cloud SubtropicalRohr Cloud Subtropical

Welcome to the Machine: Conceptrix SectionWelcome to the Machine: Conceptrix Section

Sun Dew: Black EyeSun Dew: Black Eye

Eternal FlowerEternal Flower

Sunset BlvdSunset Blvd

Floating Castle of the WitchFloating Castle of the Witch

Garden of EdenGarden of Eden

Mahogany DiaphragmMahogany Diaphragm

Cathedral WatchtowerCathedral Watchtower

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