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Books often consist of chapters written by various authors, edited by one or more experts. Roorda wrote chapters for the books shown below; in some cases, together with another author.

Click on the image of a book to go to the details of the book. Click on a chapter number to download (the first pages of) the chapter.

For a full overview of Niko's publications, go to his ResearchGate profile.

If the availability of parts of the chapters on this website violates copyrights or any other rights of persons or organizations, please contact Niko Roorda, and the issue will be solved asap.

CSR in Man. & Eng. (2018)

Chapter 2:
"Future-Focused Entrepreneurship
Assessment (FFEA)"

Management for SD (2016)

Chapter 1:
"The Seven Competences of a Sustainable Professional: the RESFIA+D Model for Human Resource Management (HRM), Education and Training"

Sustainability Science (2015)

Chapter 28 (with Han van Son):
"Education for Sustainable Development"

Sust. Assessment Tools (2014)

Chapter 6:
"A Strategy and a Toolkit to Realize System Integration of Sustainable Development (SISD)"

Crossing Boundaries (2007)

Chapter 12 (with Francisca Pérez Salgado):
"Quality Management of Higher Education for Sustainable Development: Principles and Assessment"

EOLSS (2005)

Chapter E4-16-4-3:
"Interactive Workshops, Games, and Software: Exercises in Environmental Education"

Chapter E4-16-6-2:
"Continuing Education for Updating Teachers of Environmental Science"

HE and the Challenge (2004)

Chapter 24:
"Developing Sustainability in Higher Education using AISHE"

Teaching Sustainability (2002)

Chapter 26:
"Assessment and Policy Development of Sustainability in Higher Education with AISHE"

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