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These are computer programs created by Niko Roorda.
Many of them are applied, either in Roorda's
management methods as tools; or as accessories to student exercises, accompanying academic textbooks; and also as illustrations of certain principles described in Roorda's books and articles, allowing the reader to regenerate images and investigate variations to them.

Each of these programs can be downloaded freely. Their products - such as texts, images, video clips - can also be distributed freely and non-commercially, under the conditions of a Creative Commons License (CC 3.0), as stated and specified on the License page.

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Artificial Life: Evolution

Gravitating Money
Simulation of Capitalist Economy

Fox Rabbit Math Model
Artificial Life: Differential Equations

Cosmic Simulation

Fox Rabbit Field Model
Artificial Life: Swarm Behaviour

Mathematical Art

Simulation: Population Growth & Decline

Serious Game: Life Cycle Assessment

Go Moku
5-on-a-row Game against the Computer

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