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A simulation of the birth and growth of stars and planets.

Download: PlanetoGenesis.

Here is the story.


In the beginning the cloud was.


And the cloud was filled with gas, dust, rubbish & filth.


Actually it was not really the beginning, as it was somewhat like eight billion years After Big Bang (ABB). Maybe nine.


But anyway, the cloud was.


The cloud was cold, and there was no light. Darkness filled the cloud.


Due to chance, the cloud rotated slowly.

Gravity filled the cloud.


Due to rotation, the cloud flattened. It began to look like a giant pizza.


Very giant, as the cloud was more than a million light years in size.


Nobody can eat that much pizza.


Due to gravity, the cloud slowly contracted.


Due to contraction, rotation increased.


Due to rotation & contraction, specks of dust & rubbish collided. Sticking together, they fused to larger rocks.


Seventeen aeons went by of cloud shrinking, specks colliding & rocks fusing.


Rocks the size of mountains came to be.


Nobody knows how long an aeon lasts. So seventeen seems like a safe guess.


Mountain-sized rocks melted together again & again & again.


Mountains grew & grew. A few grew gigantic.


Gravity within built up, creating high pressure & temperature inside.


Very, very high, and so even the atoms inside began to glue together.


Due to atomic fusion, light was emitted.


Thus stars were born.


The cloud was filled with light.


Other rocks were smaller, no atomic fusion started.


But the gravity inside pulled them to globes anyway.


Thus planets were born, circling the young stars.


Moons were born, circling the newborn planets.


Five billion years later, man was born.


The cloud was filled with laughter.


But this the computer program does not make heard.


PlanetoGenesis is a very simple program, it cannot calculate humans.


But it can calculate stars & planets & moons.


A little bit.


Due to randomness, the stars will be different, each time the program starts.


Usually it starts with two thousand rocks. But if you wish a different beginning, you can tell the program & it will obey.