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Here is a selection of papers presented by Roorda through the years.
See also Roorda's online lectures, which are accessories to his academic textbooks.

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For a full overview of Niko's publications and presentations, go to his ResearchGate profile.

If the availability of the presentations on this website violates copyrights or any other rights of persons or organizations, please contact Niko Roorda, and the issue will be solved asap.

Video (English): Miami Lecture, 2017

January 2017: Miami Dade College (MDC) in Florida is the largest Higher Education Institution in the USA. Roorda presented guest lectures to two groups of students: a morning lecture for the Environmental Science Class at Wolfson Campus, and an afternoon lecture for the students of the Honors College at Kendall Campus; followed in the evening by a keynote presentation on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for managers and faculty of MDC at the InterAmerican Campus.

The morning lecture is now available in video: click on the photo to find it.

Pdf's and Powerpoints in

On this page you will find several presentations - .pdf and .pptx files - that you can download.

Video (Dutch): De Duurzaam Competente Professional

Valedictory lecture (afscheidscollege) on the occasion of Niko Roorda's departure in 2015 from Avans University.
The lecture is in Dutch.

Pdf's and Powerpoints in

On this page you will find presentations in Dutch - .pdf and .pptx files - that you can download.

Video (Dutch): Various Presentations

Presentations in Dutch by Roorda from different origins, dating from 2002 till the present.
The presentations are in Dutch.

Video (Dutch): Masterclass Toekomstgericht Ondernemen

This page shows a Masterclass by Roorda on Future Focused Entrepreneurship.
The Masterclass is in Dutch.

Video (Dutch): Seminar Hanzehogeschool 2011

This page shows a paper Roorda presented at a seminar by the Hanzehogeschool in 2011 about sustainability and CSR.
The presentation is in Dutch.

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